What is adventure? What does it mean? To me it means living for now, being ‘brave’ enough to do what you need to do in this moment. 
We can all have adventures every day of our life, it’s just realising that everything we do is an adventure, life itself is an adventure. I spent too much of my working life trying to take on and solve too many problems. In any other profession, you have mentors or supervisors that you can unload too. I didn’t have that and as a result everything built up and I missed the adventure of it all. The fun and the enjoyment in trying something new on a day to day basis. I lost track of the reasons I did my job in the first place. The ‘love’ for my job. 
So I sit here writing this on the verge of returning to work. The next big adventure. It feels like a second chance to me. A chance to do things for me and regain what I saw in my education all those years ago. My thirst for knowledge and for life has returned. I need to control my brain this time. I have had the biggest ‘reboot’ possible. My brain held up its’ hands and said enough. I ignored the rest of my body but i couldn’t ignore my brain. The control centre. 
I don’t want this to be ramblings of a ‘stroke survivor’ but the thoughts of a individual who has been through it. I am not on the other side and 3 months on I have a long way to go still despite being discharged from any rehab services. I don’t want to return to pre stroke, I want my function back but my brain is now mine again. And the rest of body feeds it. So my need for adventure however big or small is as a result of this. Testing myself again, learning new things and experiencing everything I can. 

‘He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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